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Durango Botanical Society

Library Demonstration Garden

Hi, We have a new website. Click on the sign above to redirect to our official website (http://www.durangobotanicalsociety.com/).

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Botanical Illustrations Workshop

Oh Happy Day! We are so excited to offer this workshop on Botanical Illustrations taught by renown artist Barbara Tobin Klema. This class is for all skill levels who want to learn the techniques of realistic drawing and to be introduced to the techniques, tools and purpose for botanical illustrating.

Introduction to Botanical Illustration will be offered on Monday, February 18, 2013 from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. The cost is $45.00 or $35.00 if you are a member of DBS. Class size is limited so register today.

For more information contact Cindy Smart (DBS-Executive Director) at dbs81301@gmail.com or 970-749-5642. For more class details, click on flyer below.

Botanic Illustration Workshop

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Happy New Year

As our post holiday focus turns to planning and improving the perennial garden, here are some tried and true plants to add to your lists…

Plant Select Winners

“These plants were chosen after two years of trialing at Denver Botanic Gardens and Colorado State University for their adaptability and performance in the Rocky Mountain region, uniqueness, disease and insect resistance, non-invasiveness and long season of beauty.”

Yes, we also helped in trialing these plants at our Plant Select Library Demonstration Garden. Several of you helped us evaluate numerous plants for Plant Select and here are the WINNERS:

Plant Select 2013 winning plants

  • Narbonne Blue Flax Linum narbonense
  • Tennessee Purple Coneflower Echinacea tennesseensis
  • Turquoise Tails Blue Sedum Sedum sediforme
  • Curly Leaf Sea Kale Crambe maritima
  • Chieftain Manzanita Arctostaphylos coloradensis ‘Chieftain’

Only some of these are growing in our Library Demonstration Garden, who can tell us which ones? 


Other winners are being promoted through a NEW The Plant Select® Petites program debuts noteworthy, well-adapted, unusual plants of smaller stature that haven’t yet been readily available or known to gardeners. The program also promotes innovative ways to plant and enjoy these treasures in garden situations where small gem-like but tough plants are best suited: troughs, permanent containers, rock gardens, hillsides, patio gardens, hellstrips, fairy gardens, green roofs, and smaller gardens. Three plants are being promoted for 2013.

Winners in this category are:

  • Scott’s Sugarbowls Clematis scottii
  • Sandia Coralbells Heuchera pulchella
  • Oxslip Primrose Primula elatior  

Plant Select Petites 2013 winning plants

For more information about these winners go to plantselect.org or plantselectpetites.org




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Docent Program Application

Durango Botanical Society

Docent Program

  • Do you have an enthusiasm for horticulture and gardening that you would love to share with others?
  •  Would you like to help bring more botanical instruction to students in area schools?
  •  Would you like to lead tours and engage visitors in the Library Demonstration Garden
  •  Would you like to increase your knowledge of the Plant Select® program and other elements in the Demonstration Garden?

If so, you are invited to apply to become a member of the Durango Botanical Society’s first docent class! Master Gardeners, naturalists and people with experience in educational programs are encouraged to apply.

Candidates will be selected by mid-December, 2012 and initial training will be conducted in January, 2013.  Please email Melanie Palmer, mj_palm22@hotmail.com  for additional information or to receive an application.  Or call (970)884-4686.  Deadline for applying is November 29, 2012.


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Don’t Forget about the Holidays…

Narcissus – Ziva

Color at Christmas and

Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas

by Melanie Palmer, Master Gardener and DBS Board Member

When ordering your bulbs for spring color, don’t forget that Brent and Becky’s has bulbs to brighten your home for the holidays and the dreary winter months after.

Hippeastrum – Aphrodite

  • For holiday gatherings, small hostess gifts are always needed.  Why not order some winter-blooming bulbs like amaryllis or paperwhites to have available?  Then, purchase some inexpensive pots (with saucers) and potting soil, plant bulbs and get them growing, decorate with a ribbon, add care instructions, and give a gift that will be much appreciated.  Be sure to get some for yourself to add a great splash of color to a windowsill in the dead of winter.

Hippeastrum – Blossom Peacock

For Christmas decorating, paperwhite narcissi can add a wonderful touch. Most paperwhites need 3-4 weeks for bloom and will provide a display for a couple of weeks.  They need to be started around Thanksgiving or shortly after.  Follow planting instructions and bulb storage information that comes with the bulbs.  Use sterile potting medium (most bagged potting soil from local nurseries) and leave the tips of the bulbs exposed.  On the Brent and Becky’s website, www.bloomingbucks.com, shop by GENUS and select Narcissus.  The paperwhites are in Division 8 Tazetta.  The ‘Ziva’ variety is one of the earliest bloomers.  Try several varieties for a range of bloom. Add amaryllis (genus Hippeastrum) for an even more spectacular display:

Christmas Gift’ is a white amaryllis tinged with green that has been cold-treated to bloom early.

Red Lion’ If you wish to add a brilliant red amaryllis to your holiday display, this king of reds will bloom at the same time as your paperwhites.  The website has helpful suggestions for bulbs that bloom at the same time to customize your holiday display.

  • Beyond Christmas: Start some brilliant red or soft pink amaryllis after Christmas for a Valentine’s display!Image

Hippeastrum – Papilio Butterfly

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Missed Mike’s Bulb Lecture?

Well worry not, here is your shopping list from Mike Smedley’s Deer-proof bulb talk:

And remember ordering your bulbs at Brent and Becky’s www.bloominbucks.com not only gives you a great selection of high quality bulbs but also gives 25% to the Durango Botanical Society. Don’t Forget to select Durango Botanical Society in the drop down box and the easiest way to shop is to select ‘Genus List’ under the shop icon. Happy Fall Y’all!

Deer-proof bulbs in bloomin’ order:

Very Early
 Eranthis – ‘Winter Aconite’
  E. hyemalis – Western Europe
  E. cilicicea – Greece/Turkey/Afghanistan
Galanthus – ‘Snowdrops’
  G. nivalis – common
  G. elwesii – Turkey/Asia Minor
Chionodoxa – ‘Glory of the Snow’
Dwarf Iris
Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’
Iris histrioides var. Katherine Hodgkin
Iris danfordiae 
‘Snow crocus’

Galanthus – Snowdrops

Crocus ancyrensis ‘Golden Bunch’ 
Crocus chrysanthus – Snow crocus. 
  C. c. Goldilocks
  C. c. Gypsy Girl
  C. c. Blue Pearl
Crocus sieberi Tricolor
Crocus tommasinianuas ‘Ruby Giant’
Crocus x Yalta
Crocus imperati
Crocus minimus
Anemone Blanda – ‘Grecian Windflower’
Crocus vernus – ‘Dutch Crocus’
Crocus vernus ‘Twilight’
  C. v. ‘Flower Record’
  C. v. Jeanne d’Arc
  C. v. ‘Spring Beauty’
  C. v. ‘King of the Striped’
Scilla siberica – ‘Squill’
Hyacinth oreintalis
Muscari (early)
  M. latifolium
  M. macrocarpum var. Golden Fragrance 
Early Daffodils
Cyclamineus group
February Gold, Jack Snipe, Jetfire
Barrett Browning earliest of Short Cup group (others are mid to late season)
Triandus Group
Hawera, Thalia
Trumpet Group
King Alfred types, Rijveld’s Early Sensation earliest by two weeks
Mid Spring
Muscari armeniacum
  M. a. ‘Mount Hood’
Corydalis solida – ‘Fumewort’
Erythronium – ‘Dog Tooth Violet’ or ‘Trout Lily’
Fritillaria meleagris
  F. persica 
  F. imerialis
  F. michailovskyi 
Mid-season Daffodils
Split Cup and Double Cup 
Large Cup Division
Tazetta Division
 Late Spring
Dutch Iris
Eremerus – ‘Desert Candles’ or ‘Foxtail Lily’
Eremerus ‘Spring Valley’
Ipheion – ‘Spring Star Flower’
Hyacinthoides – ‘Bluebells’
  Hyacinth non-scripta – English bluebells
  Hyacinth hispanica – Spanish bluebells
Camassia – ‘Wild Hyacinth’ or ‘Quamash’
Very Late Spring
Allium – ‘Ornamental Onion’
Allium christophii – Star of Persi
  A. caeruleum – blue
  A. moly ‘Jeannine’ – yellow
  A. sphaerocephalon’ – ‘Drumstick’
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Durango Herald Article

We are looking forward to seeing you at the bulb and plant sale. In case you missed the article today in the Durango Herald, here it is offering a teasing amount of bulb recommendations from bulb guru Mike Smedley.  The short list of deer-proof bulbs for your Durango Garden.

Durango Herald Article: 

Putting the ‘dig’ in shindig  by Mike Smedley

Calochortus venustus ‘Burgundy’
Mariposa Lily  Item # 09-0107 

Lisa’s Picks:
One of my personal favorites for a dry garden. From the Greek word calochortus meaning ‘beautiful grass’ these lovely flowers are native to the western U.S. and were used as a food crop by Native Americans. They also make beautiful cut flowers. Find out about some of these lesser known bulbs on Monday, October 8th! We will be available to help you put your bulb order together. 
Place your order at Brent & Becky’s Fundraising Program
to support Durango Botanical Society :   www.bloominbucks.com

If you are interested in volunteering for this event contact Lisa Bourey 970-759-0318.

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Annual Bulb Sale Event Expanded

This year our 2nd ANNUAL BULB SALE  will include a PLANT SALE too!

DBS’s Annual Bulb Sale Event

When:  Monday, OCTOBER 8TH 10 am – 2 pm 

Where:  DURANGO PUBLIC LIBRARY; Lecture Room 1 


Deer Proof Bulbs for Stunning Spring Color TWENTY different spring-bloomers that Bambi won’t devour. Learn about our recommendations and special selections for your yard! Special handout:LISASPICKSBulbsale’12-handout



25% of sales will be donated to DBS when you purchase any bulbs online at Brent and Becky’s Bulbs. Simple click on link above and select Durango Botanical Society in the drop down list. 

11 am – 2 pm PLANT SALE 

HUNDREDS OF HARDY PERENNIALS From Local Growers offering Expert Advice in the Library Demonstration Garden all Proceeds will benefit the Library Demonstration Garden.
Questions: E-mail us at dbs81301@gmail.com 
or call Lisa Bourey 970-759-0318 OR Jeff Wagner 970-382-1221 

also MEMBERSHIP APPRECIATION for all current and new members….STOP BY FOR YOUR FREE GIFT BAG! 

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Escape to Urban Gardens Update

We are filling up fast! If you want to escape with us don’t delay-sign up now we are just over half full and that will probably change again when I get the mail this afternoon. 

If you HAVE signed up CONGRATULATIONS! We look forward to showing you some of the best Denver has to offer. On a side note, if you have not made reservations and want to take advantage of the special rate Marriott has offered DBS, please call them directly and let them know you are with Durango Botanical Society and they will get you a room for the rate in our flyer. The link in the flier has expired according to Marriott but they are happy to reserve by phone. Here is the number: 303-757-8797 ask for reservations.

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What’s New in 2012: Nursery Tour

Durango Botanical Society is hosting two nursery tours this Saturday, May 19th. The “What’s New in Plant Selection” tour will start at Native Roots at 8:30AM. At 10:00AM we will travel to Durango Nursery and Supply where we will listen to Rod Cook with the County Weed Office discuss nuisance and noxious weeds, followed by a talk on their plant selection from noon to 1:00PM. Both tours will be led and hosted by Jeff Wagner and Lisa Bourey.

For more information, contact Jeff at (970)382.1221.

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